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»   Innovative Investigations is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year.  Knowing that you will always have immediate investigative assistance gives you that peace of mind you deserve.
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»  General Information:
Innovative Investigations Inc. - 913.782.7266       
  Innovative Investigations provides you with the most complete and accurate results.  No case will be neglected or left behind.  Knowing that your investigative firm provides you with the most precise information allows for you the utmost confidence when it is received.
»   Employee Theft
  If you suspect employee theft in your organization, you are probably right. Figures today average $4500 per employee per year in theft from businesses. Innovative Investigations will carefully assess your facility, inside and out, in order to implement an effective video surveillance strategy. This will ensure clear and convincing video of the crime actually being committed. If the theft appears to be a large scale operation, Innovative Investigations is able to conduct a full investigation to determine and document the other parties involved. The results of the investigation will be passed along to local law enforcement to be handled as a criminal matter at the client’s request.
»   Security Assessment
  The world we live in has become increasingly unpredictable and violent. Innovative Investigations provides a comprehensive security assessment to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your company, facility, property or home. In doing so, a plan will be implemented with recommendations of the procedures and policies to adopt in order to increase productivity in the workplace and feel more secure at your place of residence.
Innovative Investigations Inc. - 913.782.7266