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»   Innovative Investigations is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year.  Knowing that you will always have immediate investigative assistance gives you that peace of mind you deserve.
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»  General Information:
Innovative Investigations Inc. - 913.782.7266       
  Innovative Investigations provides you with the most complete and accurate results.  No case will be neglected or left behind.  Knowing that your investigative firm provides you with the most precise information allows for you the utmost confidence when it is received.
»   Civil & Criminal Investigations
  Immediately following any incident is the most critical time in fact gathering. Needing to obtain this information in a timely manner with an experienced investigator who is familiar with gathering pertinent information is why local governments, corporations, attorneys and private parties choose Innovative Investigations. The accuracy of the information is just as important as the documentation of the sources and witnesses relating to the incident. Innovative Investigations provides these results to its clients in a report format of gathered information that is easy to absorb and process.
»   Written / Recorded Statements
  Innovative Investigations combines a well-prepared statement outline with a well-prepared and professionally trained investigator. This combination equals the most thorough recorded and/or written statement process in the industry. A recorded statement is a fact-finding mission and a great beginning or end to further litigation. In placing Innovative Investigations on your side when conducting such investigative work ensures a complete and accurate statement by the requested party. Proven useful in every facet of investigation, Innovative Investigations provides the most accurate facts to be determined through this process.
»   Skip Tracing
  Individuals who choose to not pay their bills or have civil judgments against them continue to cost everyone money and clog up the court system. Innovative Investigations will ensure that these debtors are found. Innovative Investigations will also be able to search for assets to expedite your collection process. All traces are in accordance with the FCRA and GLBA.
»   Locates
  Innovative Investigations is able to locate lost loved ones, friends, relative, etc. Innovative Investigations will provide these results in a timely manner in the event the person needs to be contacted for an emergency. All information obtained regarding the individual located will be passed along upon the consent of the party located.
Innovative Investigations Inc. - 913.782.7266