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»   Innovative Investigations is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year.  Knowing that you will always have immediate investigative assistance gives you that peace of mind you deserve.
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  Innovative Investigations provides you with the most complete and accurate results.  No case will be neglected or left behind.  Knowing that your investigative firm provides you with the most precise information allows for you the utmost confidence when it is received.
»   Workers Compensation
  Innovative Investigations prides itself on providing fifteen years of combined expertise in conducting Workers Compensation Claims surveillance. Determining if a suspect claimant is falsifying or exaggerating his claim is truly one of our specialties. Utilizing advanced surveillance techniques, Innovative Investigations will provide you surveillance video quickly, quietly and on time. Likewise, the use of advanced researched technology ensures that the video you receive will be clear, concise, and provide an identifiable shot of the suspect claimant from distances even greater than a quarter mile.

Combining advanced surveillance techniques with advanced researched technology allows Innovative Investigations to obtain footage in settings that the competition may deem impossible. Specialized cameras make the documentation of a claimant inside public buildings, in remote rural settings, or seemingly difficult residential areas, convincing evidence of the suspect claimant’s activities.

All investigators are experienced and available to be deposed and testify.
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Innovative Investigations Inc. - 913.782.7266